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Latin Placement Test Information

Please read the following notes before accessing the placement list.

Thank you for taking the on-line Latin Placement Exam. If you wish to continue your study of Latin at Northwestern (and we hope that you do!), you must register at the level indicated next to your name. If you register for a Latin class at a lower level than the one indicated (except with permission of the department in writing) you will be considered to be duplicating high school work and will be denied credit.

The first year of Latin is Beginning Latin 101-1 (F), 101-2 (W), 101-3 (S). The second year of Latin is Intermediate Latin 201-1 (F), 201-2 (W), 201-3 (S). Scores on this placement exam determine placement into one of those courses. The WCAS foreign language requirement may be satisfied by earning a grade of C- or better in Latin 201-3.

If you have questions about placement results, please contact:

Francesca Tataranni, Director of Latin Instruction


Kresge Hall 4-364

(847) 491-8029

She will be happy to discuss your placement with you.