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Korean Placement Test Information

Korean Language Placement Test  (2022-2023)

(Access to results is located below the general information presented here.)

If you have no previous knowledge of Korean language and want to start Korean language at Northwestern, register for Korean 111-1 (offered in summer 2022 and fall 2022) without taking a placement test.

1. Who needs to take the Korean placement test?

The above apply to all students in all schools and programs, including graduate and professional schools.

2. What does the Korean placement test look like?

There are two forms in the placement test: Online test and Validation test

3. When and where will the Korean placement test take place?

Online test:

Incoming students should take the online placement test by August 15th. Returning students are encouraged to take the placement test by this deadline to ensure the test results earlier for assembling fall schedules. The test will be open between August 1st and August 15th, 2022, and the test takers are required to take the validation test scheduled between 4pm and 8pm on August 30th and 31st via Zoom. The validation test’s  time, date and  zoom link for the individual test taker will be provided on the online test site.

Late test takers between September 1st and September 15th will be scheduled to take the validation test at 3-5 pm on September 16th in person. The place for this group of test takers will be provided on the online test site.

4. What should you keep in mind for the test?

Once you enter the online test, you have to finish within 2 hours since you will not be allowed to reenter it again. The online test result will initially show as “Validation Required” since the validation test is required to complete the placement process.

Please enter the validation test site 10 minutes early with your student ID and pens.

Prior to arriving for the validation test, you have to finish the online test.

Special note

The placement result is effective only for one year. Students are not allowed to retake the test in a year unless the placement coordinator needs it for a replacement purpose.


Please contact Dr. Ihnhee Kim (, 847-491-2767), the Korean placement coordinator.