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German Placement Test Information

If you have had prior instruction in German (either in junior high or high school or other teaching situations) or learned German informally, we hope you will resume your study of German at Northwestern University.  To make sure you are in the appropriate class, we ask you to take the German placement exam online. Once you have taken the German placement exam, you will receive an email with your results and you will also find your results online.

Your results will indicate in which class you should enroll. Please remember that you must enroll in the class indicated. If you choose to register for German at a lower level than that indicated, except with special permission of the department in writing, you will be considered to be duplicating your training in German and will be denied credit. You may however register for a class higher than that indicated with permission of the department.

Contact Franziska Lys (847-491-8298; <> ) immediately if you have questions or if you are requested to do so.