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Japanese Placement Test Information

JAPANESE 111-1, 121-1 and 211-1 are offered only in the fall quarters.

JAPANESE 111-2, 121-2 and 211-2 are offered only in the winter quarters.

JAPANESE 111-3, 121-3 and 211-3 are offered only in the spring quarters.

If your placement indicates, "Need oral test", you will need to take a follow-up examination.

If your placement result lists two courses  ["121-3 / (211-1)"] , the course without the parenthesis is your placement; however, if you want to start Japanese at Northwestern earlier and/or if you want to take a little more challenging course, you may go to the course indicated in the parenthesis and consult with the instructor.

If your placement indicates "121-2 (121-3)" or "121-3 / (211-1)," you are NOT placed out of WCAS Foreign Language Requirement.

If your placement indicates 211-1, 2, 3 or 310, 311, 312, 313, 314, you are placed out of WCAS Foreign Language Requirement and have completed the prerequisite for the Minor in Japanese Language and Culture.

See the requirements for the minor at


For questions about placement in Japanese, contact:

Junko Sato